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I have an easter party tomorrow, so I’m gonna head off to bed



Harry Teitelman 


Harry Teitelman 

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ATTENTION ARTISTS: Need help calculating your commission prices? 



A tool that I’ve found is really handy is a called the Cash Clock. It’s a simple program that measures both the time that you’re working on a piece as well as how much money you should be earning. You can adjust the hourly wage to whatever you feel is right. Simply start the clock whenever you begin working on a project right up until you’re finished. It can give you a clear indication of what you should charge for commissions.

No artist should make below minimum wage for their artwork.

The Cash Clock is found as a download here

My art tumblr

My deviantart

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my Jack Spicer icon must be rubbing off on me

I’m bored



Pizza Princess 


Pizza Princess 

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oh my god, I forgot how much I loved Pluto X33


"Well it’s an opinion so it can’t be wrong.”

Okay we are not 5 anymore, opinions can be wrong, your parents lied to you, your teachers lied to you. Not every comment you have will be valid, not everything you say needs to be heard. 

And opinions can be and have been wrong. 

But if you wanna hold that idea then it’s my OPINION that you’re a loser my opinion is right and valid, ur a loser now. Suck it loser. 

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Fandom Chic

The name's Phaser. I'm a 21 year-old resident of Parma, Ohio. This is my personal blog where I will post whatever I feel like.

Mostly comics, occasionally porn, always awesome.

For anyone interested in trading pokemon or using my Safari, my FC is 3239-3397-7267 and my in-game name is Aurelio.